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Immigrants' Culinary Journey In America

Food security is a vital component of social and economic development. Perhaps the worst culture shock immigrants and refugees face in the US is their lack of homeland cuisines. While immigrants and refugees easily find assistance with many issues during their settlement in the US, food often falls under the radar. Consequently, a few years after they arrive in the US, many face health issues related to bad food choices. We intend to provide existing and newly arrived immigrants and refugees with the materials necessary to promote their culinary integration into American culture and thereby assist them in leading a healthier and more inclusive life in our communities. Again, we are different because we engage through culture, food, and community.

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immigrant culinary integration

This program is designed to offer newly arrived migrants and refugees the resources needed to facilitate their culinary integration into American society and thus help them live healthier lives and sustain economic and social development in our communities

farm to table

Through this program, Eat N works with other organizations to offer immigrants and refugees resources on how to secure food and ingredients similar to products in their native lands.

While this program is in the final development phase, we appreciate your interest and enthusiasm. If this is something that you would like to be part of, please click on the link below to subscribe to our newsletters There will be limited seats available. Stay in the know with our newsletters.

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