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Steps  & Ladders

For years the African continent was never thought of as a source of inspiration to be drawn from. A new dawn is upon us; Africa is finally getting its rightful place in the arts and culture arena. However, the disparity remains even greater when we look at it from culinary lenses. is Many foodie towns are booming in the America Midwest. However, the African Culinary Heritage is still unknown to many. There is still an evident lack of recognition for Africa, its culture, and its cuisines. This program combines solutions such as incubators projects, certifications, advocacies actions directed toward diversifying the Midwest hospitality market and promoting African cuisines. 

Steps & ladders

This program is designed to create opportunities for the young aspiring African diaspora chefs who are striving to make a name for themselves and to offer assistance to those who are already in the hospitality industry.

While this program is in the final development phase, we appreciate your interest and enthusiasm. If this is something that you would like to be part of, please click on the link below to subscribe to our newsletters There will be limited seats available. Stay in the know with our newsletters.

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